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Smart Slice

Smart Slice

The Smart Slice absorbs an amazing amount of water or liquid feed making it a slice of refreshment for your plants!
Using polymer technologies developed by Prof Neil B Graham and the research team at Smart Tech Ltd.

The Smart Slice is a user friendly, controlled release reservoir, which will sustain plants in a healthy condition for weeks, with no need for watering. When dry has the appearance of a small cylinder 10mm in depth and 58mm in diameter, but when immersed in water or liquid feed it expands and absorbs amazing volumes of liquid. This liquid can be stored for weeks within its unique polymer structure.
Smart Slice
It sustains plants at root level by holding the water until required, then it works on a capillary action so there can be no ‘over’ or ‘under’ watering ensuring that only the heathiest of plants are produced.

The Smart slice can be used in hanging baskets, flower towers pouches, pot plants, tubs etc. Can be used indoors or outside, they can be topped up at any time by watering or rainfall.

The Reliable & environmentally friendly, holiday watering solution that can be used all year!